Riversdale Soccer Club Philosophy

The Riversdale Soccer Club intends on becoming the best Community club in Melbourne’s Eastern Suburbs.

At Riversdale, we understand that players join clubs for a variety of reasons, some for camaraderie, the love of the game, just for the fun of it, others for personal skill improvement and a strong desire for competition. Some players join for a combination of the reasons stated. Irrespective of the reason for joining our club, the Riversdale Soccer Club will provide the player an avenue in which to achieve their goals.

In relation to junior players, we believe that children participate in soccer to have fun. If children don’t have fun playing the game, they will leave the sport.

We are a Community club and we are here to serve the needs of our community, as such, the Riversdale Soccer Club will never turn away a junior player because of their skill level. In short we will strive to ensure the club is able to accommodate anyone who has a desire to play the game. The club will be organised in such a way that players seeking an elite pathway are considered and nurtured as well as those seeking alternative outcomes.

Riversdale Soccer club will set itself apart from other Community clubs by providing an inclusive, harmonious and family based environment for our young players. The club will provide our senior players a platform that will allow them to compete and be successful at the State League level.

Riversdale Soccer club is aware that junior players need to be taught the essential skills from an early age. Irrespective of the player and irrespective of the motivation to play the game, we believe that players need to be encouraged to attain basic skills in order to increase their participation, fun and enjoyment of the game.

Riversdale Soccer club endorses the belief that football development requires age appropriate activities so that players are able to experience, comprehend, and execute the game as it relates to individual nature and their own stage of physical and mental development.


Club History

1978 – 1979      G. KENNON YEARS

A chance meeting of three young Englishmen in the Sydney airport lounge in January 1978 gave the present Riversdale Soccer Club its first President, first Captain and Coach and first Best and Fairest winner. More…

1989 Onwards…………Coming Soonish

In 1988, an indepth history of Riversdale’s first 10 years was written (see History Part 1). A plan is currently in place to continue this exercise and to write a history from 1989 up to whenever the new version is released. More…

Senior Club Honours

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Junior Club Honours

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