5 A Side

Riversdale 5-A-Side

Registrations Now Open!


The Riversdale Spring 5 competition will be running again this year starting in October with a practice game. Games will take place on Sunday’s at Camberwell High School. There will be 7 rounds In total including the practice round. This is a great program for children to continue to develop their soccer skills and play with friends. This year we will again be running a Microroos program for children aged 4-7 years who would like to develop their soccer skills or learn how to play.


We are running an early bird discount special until September 1st. Registration costs $115. After that it will be $135.


The boys and girls competitions run separately in their own leagues

Microroos Registration Link


U7 Boys Registration Link


U7 Girls Registration Link


U9 Boys Registration Link


U9 Girls Registration Link


U11 Boys Registration Link


U11 Girls Registration Link


U13 Boys Registration Link


U13 Girls Registration Link




Refunds  Policy:


  1. A full refund will be provided if 0 games are able to be played(Transactions fees will not be refunded)
  2. If 1 or more games are played, the club will take a 10% Admin fee off the full price.
  3. Refund based on number of games cancelled.

Note: Only games that are cancelled by government restrictions will be eligible for refunds.

 League Requirements:

We need a minimum of 4 teams in a league to make a viable competition.




7 Rounds – 1 Practice round and 6 competition rounds commencing on Sunday 8th October.

Practice Round: Sunday 8th October

Bye Long Weekend – Sunday 5th November

Round 1: Sunday 15th October

Round 4: Sunday 12th November

Round 2: Sunday 22nd October

Round 5: Sunday 19th November

Round 3: Sunday 29th October

Round 6: Sunday 26th November


Where does competition run?

We run at Camberwell High School on the synthetic Oval.

How long do games go for?

Games for 35 minutes. 2 x 15 minute halves with a 5 minute half time break.

How many players should be in a team?

There are 5 players on the field for each team. We suggest having 2-3 subs. This allows maximum game time and coverage if players are away/injured?

How many teams are in each league?

We require at least 4 team in each league.

Why are there skipped age group?

To make sure we have enough teams in each league, we skip an age group. If we get enough teams we create a second league to cater for younger/less experienced teams.

What happens if we don’t have a team one week?

If your team is unable to play one week, then please let us know. We will endeavour to reschedule the match at a later date. If we cannot fit it into the schedule then it will be listed as a forfeit.

What if I don’t have a team?

If you don’t have a team to join, then register as an individual and we will allocate you to a team.

What uniforms do we wear?

The team do not need to wear the exact same shirt. If they wear the same colour that is fine. You may wear your local club uniform. If there is a clash, we will provide you with a coloured bib.