5 A Side

The Riversdale Spring 5 competition will be running again this year starting in October with a practice game. Games will take place on Sunday’s at Camberwell High School. There will be 7 rounds In total including the practice round. This is a great program for children to continue to develop their soccer skills and play with friends.


How to Register

I want to register a new team:

This is for the coach/Team Manager to create the team for people to register in.

  1. First you will need to come up with a team name.
  2. Team Leader information is where you will place the coach or Team Manager for your team. This person will be our main point of contact for any important communication that needs to go out.
  3. Once you have created a team you will need to go back to the registration page and select register with a team to register your child into the team you just created.
  4. Once you have completed this step you will need to tell your team members to register into the team via the registration page.

 I want to register for a team:

This is for people who have organised a team to play together

  1. When you click the register for a team button your page will refresh and new option to select a team will appear.
  2. In the team drop down option select the team you wish to join.
  3. Fill out the registration information for the child
  4. Submit your registration

*If you can’t see the team you want to join it means that it has not been registered yet. Please check with the Team Manager to make sure it has been created.

I want to register a player:

If you haven’t got a team to join but still want to participate then this is the way for you.

  1. Select the option ‘I am an individual registering’
  2. Enter your registration details
  3. If you have a friend who is also registering as an individual and would like to be in the same team please write down their name in the notes and comments section.
  4. Submit your registration.


For any further questions please contact the club

E-mail: registrations@riversdalesc.com.au

Mobile: 0472 705 875


Registrations Links


U07 Boys


U07 Girls


U09 Boys


U09 Girls


U11 Boys


U11 Girls


U13 Boys


U13 Girls


U15 Boys


U15 Girls


U17 Boys


U17 Girls





Fixtures will be released after registrations close.


Help us spread word by telling your friends, family and school friends about this tournament. We hope to have as many people as possible join us!


Riversdale looks forward to seeing you there!