Club Song

To the tune of “Over hill over dale, we will hit the dusty trail” – The Caisson Song

Over hill, over dale, we’re the boys from Riversdale,

And we play every game hard and fair.

In the mud or the heat, we are always hard to beat,

At the end of the year we’ll be there.

We are the boys from the ‘Hollow’,

The only team to follow,

The boys in the blue never fail.

One for all, all for one,

We don’t stop until we’ve won.

We are the boys from Riversdale.

(“Boys” changed to “Girls” for female players)

A Background to This Song

In the early-to-mid 1990’s a few players and officials around the Club were growing tired of the “generic” Club song that almost all teams use (“its a grand old team to play for”…etc). So one particular individual took it upon himself to pen a jaunty little ditty which, despite some early resistance, has somehow stuck as the Club song (it helps if you’re winning reasonably often so you can actually get to sing it!).

In the greatest tradition of all good Club songs it has the following indispensable attributes:

  • Unable to be sung in tune by anyone other than an opera virtuoso (and why would they bother?…)
  • If it was any CORNIER it would be in a Kellogg’s packet
  • Has a specific reference in it that guarantees it will be out of date in future years (eg: if we ever shift  grounds…future players are destined to be heard saying “the boys from the WHERE?”)
  • Follows the old adage that “a bad song is better than no song at all” (no, really!)