Club Logo

The current club emblem, as seen above, was developed in 1995 with the underlying philosophy of jamming as much in as possible, to avoid offending anyone.

Briefly, here’s a description of the component parts which go to make up an emblem we hope will survive for a long time to come:

Club Colours: royal blue and white; the club’s Articles of Incorporation state that the club colours are actually red, white and blue, but the red seems to have disappeared.

Southern Cross (top left): symbolic of the fact that although Riversdale has members from a wide range of ethnic backgrounds, we pride ourselves on being an “Australian” club;

Gear Wheel / Cog (top right): emblazoned with the letters “G.K.” it represents the club’s beginnings as G. Kennon Soccer Club in the Industrial & Amateur League of Victoria.

Frog on the Soccer Ball: well, we had to include a soccer ball somewhere! With Frog Hollow Reserve as our home ground, we didn’t have to think too laterally for a mascot either. Especially when the frog has many attributes of  the Riversdale players: athleticism, co-ordination, adaptability to varied conditions, a preference for liquid refreshment, tasty legs……..yeah okay, we’ll stop there.

Railway Tracks: early prototypes of the emblem had larger tracks, and everyone kept asking “what’s the picket fence for?”. Besides the fact that Frog Hollow is right next to the Alamein Railway Line, the tracks are included to symbolise progress and the club’s journey on to bigger and better things; also, many opponents have commented over the years that “those Riversdale blokes are from the wrong side of the tracks”.

“RSC 1978”: The club’s only previous attempt at a logo was to celebrate its 10th Anniversary in 1988, and consisted of the letters R,S and C overlapping. We have re-jigged this concept somewhat and added the year the club was formed.

Olive Branches: the symbol of peace and friendship is included to represent the importance placed on the friendly and social atmosphere at the club (no, really….)

Club Motto: after much argument and many varied suggestions revealing the paucity of Latin knowledge at the club, it was decided that “vires acquirit eundo” was the most suitable. Roughly translated it means “gathering strength as it goes”, quite appropriate considering the progress the club has made in a few (relatively) short years. This option as a motto was only a very narrow winner over the other main choice: “cogito sumere potum alterum”, which means “I think I’ll have another drink!”.