What is “MiniRoos” and what will it mean for your child?

Riversdale will continue to run its successful MiniRoos program  in line with Football Federation Australia’s junior development strategy.

The MiniRoos program is designed to introduce young boys and girls aged 7 years and younger to the game of football. It focuses on teaching kids the basics of the game in a non-competitive, friendly environment.

MiniRoos sessions entails:

  • Skill development activities
  • Small sided games (modified game of football)  
Our MiniRoos program is split into groups based on age and/or skill level

Some key features of the MiniRoos program include:

  • Places a major emphasis on enjoyment. Let the kids fall in love with the game and the passion will follow.
  • Improved soccer skills due to lots of time with a ball and skills sessions.
  • Provides a chance for both kids and parents to socialize with teammates and other parents.
  • Allows for parent participation and involvement throughout the program.
  • Provides a pathway to play soccer throughout childhood and into adulthood.  
Parent help and participation

Parent participation is an essential aspect of a successful MiniRoos program. All parents are encouraged to volunteer their time to assist in running and setting up the skill based activities and small sided games.

No experience or knowledge is necessary – just enthusiasm and a sense of fun.

MiniRoos is not about winning or losing. The aim is to encourage children to participate, build skills and have a go!  

Age Criteria

The MiniRoos program is for children aged 5 to 7 years. Please contact our registrations for more information.

So what gear do you need?

MiniRoos players will need:

  • Some appropriate clothes for the conditions, cold wet mornings and some warmer days
    a full and tagged drink bottle
  • Shin pads (required)
  • The club also recommends that participants wear soccer boots, which provide better grip in the wet winter months.

The club makes shorts, socks and jackets available for purchase if required. 

MiniRoos Times and Dates

Venue: Hartwell Sports Ground – Beryl Street, Glen Iris, 3146 (Melways Ref: 60 F7)
Session Times: Monday and Wednesday 5:00-6:00PM , Hartwell Sports Ground (60 F7)
Coordinator: Nick at registrations@riversdalesc.com.au
Session Dates: Program Commences early April

For more information on Miniroos visit www.miniroos.com.au

Please arrive at least 15 minutes before the starting time