FFV Game Day Apparel Rules

  1. Electrical tape or velcro straps used on the outside of socks to keep shin guards in place and must be the same colour as the socks.  If the tape is positioned under the fold of the socks and therefore not visible, there is no issue.  Note – we wear royal blue socks.
  2. Any undershorts (commonly referred to as skins) must be the same colour as the shorts.  We wear royal blue shorts for away games and occasionally wear black shorts for away games.  Skin coloured skins are not permitted unless of course your team wears skin coloured shorts (not in this lifetime).
  3. Any long sleeve undershirts (eg. thermal or long sleeve skins) much be the same colour as the top being worn.  If any part of the undershirt is protruding it is not to show any logos or print.
  4. Goalkeepers are allowed to wear tracksuit pants.  No mention of colour restriction.
  5. Berka’s etc are allowed under FFV rules.  No mention of colour restrictions.
  6. Anything that is not visible during movement is not an issue.