MiniRoo Program 2020

Riversdale SC MiniRoos

Registrations are open now via Riversdale SC Facebook page

Program Commencing Week Beginning 4th February – 2 sessions per week

Season Commences April 2020

The 2020 Riversdale MiniRoos Program promises to be the best value football program for kids aged 6 – 11 in Victoria, if not Australia.  A big call perhaps.  However, over the last few seasons we’ve experimented with a few different ideas and this year, we’re going all out to combine all of our learnings into one program for all of the kids engaged in our small sided programs.  Why?  Because we believe that players that learn to love the game in their primary school years will be players that stick with the game into adulthood.  Our MiniRoos program is the nursery of the Club, not only for players but also Coaches, Managers, Referees and yes, committee members too.

The 2020 Riversdale SC MiniRoos program will include:

  • 30 weeks of football commencing February 2020
  • 2 Sessions per week (Monday and Wednesday) plus a game on Saturday during the season (18 Rounds)
  • The Monday Session will be led by the Club’s Skill Development Team
  • The Wednesday Session will be led by the Club’s Coaching Team during Pre-season and then by appointed squad coaches during the season.
  • Each Player will receive a Training Ball to keep
  • Each Player will receive a club kit to use and a training shirt to keep
  • Squad Coaches will be able to participate in the Club’s Coaching Development Program

Please note the following critical items:

  1. Registrations open on 14th January and will be via a new system which we will detail in future communications (yes, they’ve finally replaced My Football Club!);
  2. Priority will be given to returning members that Register online by 14th February in line with the Club’s Returning Player Policy
  3. Teams will be coached by a volunteer parent coach except in the case of designated Development Squads or squads where the parent group request the Club to appoint a Staff Coach;
  4. Players selected into a Development Squad or into a team with an appointed Staff Coach will be subject to a Coaching Levy that will be calculated on a Cost Recovery Basis in line with the Club’s Coach Remuneration Policy;
  5. Teams will be selected through the Pre-season Program during February and March.  First Round Team Selections will be completed by 1st March with Second Round Team Selections completed by 15th March

Stay Up to Date:
We realise that you are probably on holidays at the moment and the last thing you need is to be thinking about football.  However, the season has a habit of creeping up on us all, particularly as we prepare for another year of school.  So, we will do the heavy lifting for you son long as you stay in touch by:

  1. Reading our emails – there won’t be a lot
  2. Ensuring that you are connected to a team or pre-season group through Team Stuff (please email if you are not)
  3. Join the Riversdale MiniRoos closed Facebook group (see links below) to get general updates and communicate with other MiniRoos families

Click the “Join Group” link to join the Riversdale MiniRoos closed group on Facebook.